Welcome to Amazing Business Websites!

We specialize in the creation of Amazing Business Websites for individuals and small businesses, to help boost your sales, marketing and business in the general market place – without the hefty price-tag.

There are basically three types of websites.
1. The information and website – full of information with a couple of products for sale.
2. The product sales website – Full of products and services with only minimal information
3. The social website – a website that primarily encourages social interaction and discussion.

Most businesses primarily have Information Websites with a few products for sale here and there….

We find that the more information you can give your customers, the better off you are. Your customers can learn something, they can find your details and they even have the opportunity to buy something from you on your website – easy !

Of course there is so much more we can do with websites!
You can Automatically collect peoples contact details, and send them updates and offers.
You can post the latest training videos on “how to use” your latest gadgets.
You can offer free training courses.
You can host live webinars and other “secret closed door” sessions for your special elite customers…
You can sell a whole swag of your products
You can sell Other people’s products and get automatically paid for that too, and much much more !

There is just so much you do with websites –  We show you how to make them work for your business – 24/7 ! – all automatically.
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