How to Create Your Own Website – DIY

Getting started…

There are a number of issues and items that need to be considered before you start your website… Even if you use a professional service like ours. If you can answer these simple questions, then you are right to get started and you should give us a call or send an email. and of Course, if you have questions – then by all means give us a call and have a chat. We’d love to hear from you. Consider these:

It’s important that you do things in this order, to make things Easier:
1. Decide on the domain name (business name or keyword closely related to your niche and Business Name)
Make a list that you like to use, then we can help find what’s actually available for you.

2. Decide on your Website Purpose : Do you want your site to display and talk about your Business and how it can help your prospect and customers? (The majority of businesses have information or product websites).

3. What Do you want Your First Impressions to be on your Customers ?¬† What is the first impression message that you want to impart onto your prospects and customers ? Consider your Unique Selling Proposition: your USP, your special “We do this better than our Competition” message. This should be embraced and displayed to your customers as you have about 5 seconds to catch their attention – so that they may stay interested and continue reading.. Write out the one or two things that you can offer your customers better – and be proud of.

4. Your About and Contact Details¬† – Write out your contact and “about us” page information. This is important – and if it needs to be rewritten slightly to help it flow better online, then we can help you with that too. Write out some brief history and your vision details for the business. this is exciting an what people are looking for about you and your business and services.

5. Photo, video and more content – To Make and keep your website interesting. Photos and video should be included in your descriptions. Find a couple of photos about your website that can be displayed on your site…


Contact / Call Us and we can get started right away.