Pretty Websites are Not Always the Best Business Website

Do you want a Pretty Website or a Profitable Business Website ?

There are massive differences between a pretty website and a Business website. Business websites need to be satisfy the customers questions, not the the business owner. Albeit once you have satisfied that criteria then business websites can be pretty and even colourful. It is not even about website promotion at this early stage…

Some people get confused when it comes to websites in general – they get the idea that all websites have to be “pretty” and “colourful”. The main thing is the keep your prospects and customers on the page, and have them interact and do what they came their to do – find information, get their question answered or even buy something. The most important thing a website has to do is portrait trust to the visitor. Here are list of things visitors look for and want when they search for something and come to your website:

  1. Need Trust (this is the number 1 as aspect.) This pertains to the information, your credibility, if you sell any products or services and especially if you want them to come back as repeat customers.
  2. Good information, with helpful tips and some aspects that will save them the pain or solve their problems.
  3. A good deal – your visitor has to get a good deal – or at least feel like they are getting a good deal (better or at least equal to your competitor). This depends on the amount of value you offer – which of course is probably a point of difference than you competitors.
  4. A point of difference. Your business should offer them something difference. and this should be obvious on your website and online information. You stand out as the obvious choice.
  5. Easy to find and OBVIOUS contact details – where they can contact you easily and don’t have to go searching for you phone number of email address if they have questions.
  6. Your website should be clean and NOT cluttered. It gives good direction and you are almost directing your visitor to where you want them to go next.
  7. They can instantly solve their dilemma by purchasing your product or service EASILY. This is imperative. Although they may not “want” to buy anything from you up front, they want to know that they can because you have the solution if they need to do so. (It is also am element of trust.)
  8. Pretty websites may fit in here if all points 1 to 7 are fulfilled.

So as you can see it is all about the visitor and Customer – not being “pretty”. This is good business practice. – fulfilling the customers wants / needs first.

If you want to know more – then contact us and see how your business can prosper from a well structured website and online presence. After all, not all websites are the same.

Have fun in business,



Is your business stuck in the 1900s

Is your business stuck in the “Good Old Days” ?

Not that there is anything wrong with business in the 1900’s, or any other time for that matter, it’s just that we need to stay up to date with the tools of today to stay competitive today.

There are so many advances in technology today – people want to know that you are connected – even if you are a local plumber / painter / hair dresser / mechanic etc. As you may know people look up local business online rather than using the standard old printed yellow pages or similar. By going online you can increase your customer reach by well over 100% – imagine what that could do for your immediate business turnover !

Did you know that being online has so many more advantages than just “being found”. You can offer a whole swag of information, knowledge base, send automatic emails, sell your products and services, run competitions, compare prices and packages, show why your business is the best choice, and so much more. By linking your other social profiles your notoriety and news feed will be more engaging, which is a good thing when it comes to reminding people about your business. In actual fact, most people need more than “7 touches” or presence points before people acknowledge that they should do business with you. A strong message and good online presence and website can do that automatically.

So – be sure to move into the 21st century and update your business online presence with a website. TO find out more – or even have a chat to us, then contact us here.

After-all, Your Website is your very own piece of unique online realestate.





Websites are not the only answer

Business websites are not the answer to your Business success

You may be surprised to learn that business websites are not the be all and end all to success online for your business.

Regardless of what you might think about the internet, your business website can only go so far…
So what am I saying – that you shouldn’t get a business website ? no not at all. However I am saying that you should think carefully about your business overall and not just the pretty website sticking out in front of everyone.
Believe it or not people want to do business with people. So what does that say about your website ? It means that it is simply a tool, a means to connect to people.
There are tonnes of ways to connect to new customers and prospects. Your website is only one of them. It is a mirror of what you can offer – it’s a shop front online.

What about Facebook and other social platforms ? They too are only platforms and connection points. I strongly believe that you cannot / should not survive strictly on Facebook alone as it is a social site – and strictly you don’t have full control over that platform… a website on the other hand is fully customised by you – and fully controlled by you. That is the big difference – you have full control. and you can sell what ever products you wish on your website – not having to bow to the social media’s convoluted rules etc…

So the biggest lesson we can get from this revelation is that there is more than one way to connect. Make sure you utilise every opportunity to have multiple fronts and connection points.
Now that is exciting as you can truly dominate then !


website giveaway tools to get more customers

website giveaway tools

The Success of your online business relies on good marketing, building rapport and developing lasting relationships. One of the ways to do this is to offer free website giveaway tools to your prospective clients to “encourage” them on why they need you and your services!

Free sessions alone, however, won’t sell you.  If, in your prospects mind, they got “fixed” during the free session, they see little reason to sign up for your whole program!  So give them an outline of your program, and plenty of reasons – both emotional and logical – to continue with you.

By using the right tools, you can better demonstrate your techniques, highlight your talent, and add greater value to your prospective clients. This also gives them another sales “touch” to remind them they need to get with your program.

This article explores how, by adding value to your free life coaching sessions, you attract a lot more clients.

In order to generate the maximum interest in your life coaching products and services, you need to be transparent and open. The easiest way to do this is to show prospects you are a real person, and offer real value.  Giving away free valuable information related to your free sessions is simply the best way to build instant rapport and trust.

There are three platforms or tools that you can instantly use to showcase your talents and capture new customers during and after your free sessions with them:

Free PDF Report

By giving away a free report or information session specific to your coaching niche, it shows that you are both serious and knowledgeable about your topic.  Probably the best time to offer this is BEFORE your free sessions, giving them a reason to sign up. These are excellent website giveaway tools.

This PDF, however, should not be some half-baked text document that no one cares about.  It needs to be a well structured document that poses a meaningful question and proceeds to answer the question in a concise and well documented manner, complete with diagrams, flow charts, etc.

Have you ever read a document that wets your appetite so much that you sign up for more information or their newsletter?  I know I have . . . I signed up, even though I knew what they were doing!

Your coaching “sales letter” needs to have a WOW factor to it.  Don’t just give out information.  Give your readers a REASON to get their free session or call.  The document should contain links to your website or lead capture page.  The whole point is to give them a reason to sign up for more, using great content to spark their interest and emotions.

icon-newsFree Audio Giveaway

The well rehearsed spoken word in the form of an audio program after the session gives people the flexibility to listen and review without the hassle of reading. Your coaching becomes the central reason  WHY they need to sign up for more. These are very powerful website giveaway tools.

Your tone and excitement can have a very strong influence on people. They instantly get to know your character and to some degree your personality, which is extremely powerful for a business / life coach.

Give access to this private audio posting to your prospect after the session, giving them a reason to return over and over again.  I would also recommend you get a written release from them to use their session as a public demonstration (or at least parts that can serve as a testimonial).  They may say yes without conditions, or you can offer them extra sessions or some kind of bonus as incentive.

A simple audio mp3 coaching session recording saved on your website needs to be easy to play by clicking a button. This way people can literally get to know you and fulfill their questions – which is why they seek you out in the first place.

Free Video Giveaway

A picture is worth a thousand words, goes the old saying.  In my view, a video could be worth a thousand pictures! Without a doubt one of the best website giveaway tools available.

Video is here to stay, and can be so useful to you as a coach in selling your services.  Create video slide presentations, a video of your speaking gigs, testimonials, a narrated compilation of pictures or animation, a “talking head” video of you simply explaining your value to prospects, or a combination of all of these methods.

Prospective clients will also learn so much more quickly by watching video coaching sessions. By hosting and promoting your videos on Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo or Amazon S3, you can become the expert in your niche in no time at all, and persuade people to follow you and sign up for your services.

The sky is the limit when it comes to video but – as with audio – you need to get permission from your clients or prospects in the form of a signed release if you plan to post or publish.

In Summary

By using these three platforms in conjunction with your free life coaching sessions, you gain instant credibility. Your visitors can see who and what kind of life coach you are, and what you have to offer.  Assuming these giveaways are full of great content, and are well structured, you will end up driving most of them to your lead capture page where they sign up for more stuff from you. Utilise the website giveaway tools when you can.

If, on the other hand, you do nothing other than free sessions, your prospects will neither remember you or have a reason to connect with you in the future.  Your sessions, then, become lost opportunities.

It’s really a no-brainer:  Use printed, audio and video giveaways to build your reputation and capture more new customer leads and sales.

If you want to learn more about how to setup and use the giveaway platforms I mentioned above, then Register your Interest Here ! (and Get started today) or ask us the know how to really attract more paying clients!)

5 Must Have Business Website Pages

Crucial Business Website Pages

In business you need clarity.  At the same time, you need to give your customers and prospects what they are looking for and fast! Feed them this in your business website pages.
This is also true for your coaching business.  In this age of the short attention span, your visitors are easily distracted.  If they can’t find what they are looking – fast and easy – they are more likely to leave your site and go to your competitor.
Direct your visitors and clients where you want them to go.  Fast.  If you are a life or business coach, this might mean sending them to an article, post, advertisement or other business website pages that allows them to get answers to their life or business problems.
Your website can either make or break your professional image, so make sure it looks professional!  All too often people set up websites that look nice, but forget the essentials, i.e., several pages you must have in order to meet basic online business practices.

It is therefore imperative to have a well constructed website with a minimum of these five pages:

websiteAbout Page

This page tells people who you are and what you do – a crucial piece for coaches.  It should tell a brief story of your pertinent background, and announce your relevant philosophy.
This page informs visitors all about you and your business, your ideals, how to contact you, and other pertinent details.  Make it warm, easy to read and unique.  Ideally, you should post of nice picture of you that helps make a better connection with your audience. Your visitors should feel comfortable doing business with you (and your company).

Products Page

This is the page that showcases your products and services. It is important that the page is setup in a systematic manner, so people can find your products or services easily and don’t get distracted.
Too many products on one page can have a cluttering effect. If you have more than 4 products, consider setting them up in some sort of logical order, like category,  price, or alphabetically. It is best accompanied with pictures, (even if it’s a software product where you can showcase a representation of the product).

News Feed or Blog Page

This is where all the latest news and information can be posted, like latest events and any product specials you may have. In the coaching business, you would share some good news snippets or testimonials of your latest customers’ success stories. It can be full of pictures and videos if you wish – something to get attention and generate interest in your coaching and events. This is great for your business website pages as it generates interest!

Disclaimer / Terms of Service Page

It is imperative that you cover yourself legally.  Always include a Disclaimer and/or Terms of Service page. Without this, you could be exposing yourself to potential legal problems down the road.  There are a number of sample templates that can be used, but above all, read and check that the documents you want to use actually suit your specific needs.

Privacy Policy Page

Whenever you collect data or details like names and emails of your customers, you need to explain what you are doing with them. Basically, you are stating that you will be in control of the data and will not use the data in any inappropriate manner. Once again  there are a number of sample templates that can be used, and you should check that the document or wording suits your needs.

Learn More

While, obviously, you could add other pages as you feel the need, or as your services expand the pages mentioned here are the basics. When set up correctly, these business website pages work together to help boost your coaching business and professional image.
In another article, I will explain how your coaching business can showcase free sessions or training to pick up new customers.  To find out more, and see how all of these are are created in an easy step by step fashion – simply click here to discover it all.

3 steps to expose your online business

Expose Your Online Business

Owning a business can be challenging in today’s fast paced world. Getting the right kind of marketing is really to expose your online business… Although it can be even more difficult when you don’t really know what your message is . . . and prospective buyers don’t know where to find you!

Even when you know what you’re about, and you’re convinced that you need a better online presence, fear and lack of what to do next may often prevent you from promoting your coaching business, or even starting to do this in the first place.

It is vital today to get online and in front of your audience and expose your online business… if you want to succeed as a business owner in this 21st century of tech!   Here are my 3 main steps to start showcasing your business right away . . . and for the most part, they’re free!

1. Write out your Business Mission Statement

Without doing this, you may find yourself floundering and going nowhere fast.  No doubt you have heard the saying, “A ship without a rudder may end up anywhere but the planned destination.” Avoid the directionless drift, and get clear on your mission and destination. This can be achieved in about 100 words, with specifics, and when you are done, hang it on your office wall. Most importantly – read it frequently to keep your ship on track; and place it on your website or social profile so others can clearly see what you do.

2. Market Your Particular Business both Online and Offline

That means a website, online profile and social network; and physical business cards, flyers / brochures, and access to either email mail or phone. People want to deal with real people behind a business, not just a “faceless machine” that processes payments. Marketing is all encompassing and allows your business to stand out as the only logical option in your niche. If you can’t whip up a website and setup your online profile, then get help and get it out there quick. This is no time to be coy . . . expose your business to the world! Expose your online business.

3. Build Solid Relationships

People want to know that their questions and concerns can be answered.  They also want to know that, as their coach or consultant, you care!  Relationship building may mean sending them consistent email, letters or postcards.  Make sure you address their concerns and questions, providing them with quality (i.e., targeted to their needs) products and services.

Your website, online profile and social network makes this extremely easy and can even do it automatically for you. Once set up correctly, it can save you hours and allow you to get on with other aspects of your business.

Avoid doing everything yourself, and use the available tools at hand to streamline your business.  If you can’t set this up easily, then get help and save time and money from those who have done it before.

Once you master these three steps, you will see your business flourish beyond measure.

The Next Step…

If you want to move forward and get your own website and online presence – with YOUR details and YOUR interest, then simply get started here today: C

Building an effective website and online profile can be simple, and extremely effective.  Avoid the pain of trying to figure it all out for yourself, and Order Your website Today

IN MY NEXT BLOG POST, I will talk about the 5 must-have pages your website needs to have for you to stay ahead of the game.

5 Steps to Creating Great Blog Posts

The Secret to Creating Great Blog Posts

Do you know what your readership ? Do you know your how many people actually read your posts ?

Knowing these figures will allow you to better capture your audience and actually get them to engage, take action and remain interested in your posts. Get a better handle on your posts, and ‘shape your audience’ and persuade them to do actions – such as read this – or click that.

Here are 5 steps…

…to making great blog posts that will engage your audience to remain active.

1. Make a great hook headline. It should spark interest, create curiosity, and compel the reader to find out more. It’s like giving them a tease taste of your creation, so that they have to find out more. Use action words such as: Discover, How To, Learn, Laser Targeted, Imagine, Save, Free, Guaranteed, etc. There are a good number of these words that make people read more.ID-100238188

2. The first paragraph should pose a question, or make a bold statement. Something that sets the mood, and allows the reader to get an idea instantly of what you will feed them. Even if you don’t stick with that the whole way, you will nevertheless ‘suck them in’ to unearth what you are about to share.

3. The body of the post should address that question or statement, and why you have the answer. At the same time – it should be interesting and even a little cheeky at times. Outline everything in a systematic fashion that is easy to read. Use bullet points if necessary. What ever it is – keep it flowing and get to the point.

4. Write Naturally – keep it simple and don’t get too technical unless it is a special post in which the reader can get real answers to their technical dilemma. People like to read from a real person to which they can relate. Real people like to engage. They like to connect. Your text should make them feel comfortable – and does not belittle them. Your writing style is very important. Stories are a great way to deliver content – especially if you have “been there” and share your experience.

5. Use Pictures / Video and Audio to share your message. Some of your blog posts may be better served with pictures, some with video, and some with plain audio. You can of course use a combination of all three, but that will be very rare. At the least – use a picture that helps tell the story at a glance. (Example: if your blog post is about a race you attended, then include a picture of race in the post) – as it instantly builds a picture in the readers mind. Be careful that the picture cannot be misinterpreted for something else though. – and NEVER use rude crude or in appropriate pictures in your posts. Always stay “above board” as it is your whole reputation that you are talking about.

Use these steps and your readers will eat every word up like hot cakes on a cold day. Feed them what is relevant and what they want – with your spin on it.

Enjoy !

David C


Who Uses Video to Promote their Business?

After reading a little about web videos for advertising, you may be asking yourself just what type of businesses are taking advantages of this media? The answers are just about everyone who understands the concept of entertainment in advertising. Just about every business that has a website on the internet is now adding some sort of video advertising to their sites. Savvy businesses use Video. This ranges from car dealerships, travel agents, real estate agents and even manufacturers. They realize that they get the attention of a viewer right away if a video comes onto the screen instead of a simple advertisement. Department stores are also beginning to use video advertising on the internet not only on their websites, but also on internet advertising engines such as Google. It simple captures the attention of a potential buyer more than just a plain photo.

Imagine that you have a website that sells T-shirts, for example. A person goes to your website and sees a variety of T-shirts that are for sale. These are often pictured in photos either by themselves or on attractive models to make the T-shirts more attractive. Now imagine you have this same website but decide to implement video
advertising as part of your campaign. Instead of clicking on to a website that just depicts a bunch of models in T-shirts, you have a video where a model is wearing the T-shirt and talking about how much she loves her T-shirts from your company. Or, you decide to go the humor route, but it has to be memorable.

ID-100125666Travel agents are quickly discovering that video is the way to go when it comes to advertising on the internet. Videos of great places help sell. People feel as though they are taking a trip. They sometimes call this a “virtual tour” and it is really quite effective. Other retailers just talk to the camera, or do a slide show, or interview customers. This sparks imagination. It is a matter of selling the sizzle – not the steak. People want to feel good about the product, and that is what Video can do with ease.