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Amazing Business Websites is all about helping you, the Business Owner or entrepreneur, to draw in potential clients to your business by using one of the most lucrative forms of advertising avenues in the business world (and social networks) today, Your Effective WEBSITE. We are on Sunshine Coast (on the East Coast of Australia just north of Brisbane), and absolutely love the people, space and environment with the best of beach and mountains at our door step. However, we do service clients from all round Australia, and International… Anywhere really ! We can also visit your place of business in the Sunshine coast region by appointment.

Whilst we love to talk, have jovial a nature and enjoy life, we love helping people reach for their potential both personally and in business. If you need help with your venture – website and social setup, then give us a call.  We have built Countless websites and helped people step into the online world to showcase their businesses. Our Websites are especially tailored to the small business owner and Entrepreneur wanting to “go to the next level”.

We have been creating websites and social site setups since 2008, so we know what works and what doesn’t.


David Cummings – Director and Founder

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Ph: +61. 7 5641 1100

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For your business to be seen as serious and solid, you need a website and a good online presence.

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